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About Us

Swastik Polymers is a renowned organisation specialising in the manufacture of exclusive varities of plastic masterbatches, compounds and blends.

With a track record of over 20 years, the company is managed by a team of qualified and
experienced persons. It has built up a reputation based on integrity and commitment.

The company consistently meets global standards in terms of quality, service and performance and the products satisfy international needs. Our success is a attribute to teamwork and partnership with customers to develop cost effective solutions. Needless to say, our journey has been knowledge & technology based with the right investments, of both man and machine, at the right time.


Swastik Polymers is equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment which enables us to manufacture high end and superior quality masterbatches. An internal mixer/kneader, complemented by single screw, continuous mixers and a rotating twin-screws extruder are used to manufacture a whole range of products. Our production system is flexible and enables us to efficiently handle all orders and special requests.

We have a fully equipped laboratory and use various testing processes for raw material and finished goods. Facilities to manufacture customers' end products such as PP/HD tapes, films, box strapping, fibres, injection & blow moulding products are available inhouse, thus saving on time and making the products cost effective.

Research Development & Quality Control

Our R&D team constantly strives to develop new products, find solutions to existing problems as well as for new applications. All products are continuously and rigorously subjected to various tests in our well-equipped laboratory. Our experience extends to meeting every type of requirement of the plastics industry. We colour products as per your choice, exactly the way you want it. Consistency in shades and colours is our strength. Our organisation is known for its quality products. Our work process involves quality checks done at every stage of production, carried out by technically qualified process engineers.

Motto: Customers are our Partners

Our philosophy is versatility and ability to assimilate and satisfy the needs of the customer. We have won the trust and confidence of our esteemed customers with our strengthened focus on product development, delivery and support. We believe the customer's feedback is our most important asset and to respond to it is our priority. All customers - the big, the small and the not so big are important to us.

Thank you, customers, for putting us on the road to success.